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Very popular holee roller ball from JW Pets brand  with combination of sheepskin fur on the end of the toy and very thick faux fur with strong bungee on a very long strip with addtional material. 


The toy come up with two diffrent versions:

Hot Chaser S/M - JW Pets Holee Roller Rugby ball size XS with light bungee for dogs up to 16kg

Hot Chaser L/XL - JW Pets Holee Roller Rugby ball size S with strong bungee for dogs over 12kg - and up to 35kg


There is no limit to the way you use this toy whether you are chasing, fetching or tugging you’ll find this is an excellent addition to your training kit.

(Please note these are not designed for unattended chewing!)    

Due to the nature of our handmade products, no two toys will be the same! Therefore we are unable to offer a custom made service.’

HotChaser S/M

  • L / XL - Overall length: 125cm, Holee Roller RUGBY size S.
    Recommended for: Medium to XLarge dogs.


    S / M - Overall length: 125cm, Holee Roller RUGBY size XS.
    Recommended for: Small to Medium dogs.


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